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In Sectors partners with Chinese e-sports operating company TJ Sport and Chinese e-sports operating company TJ Sports formed a partnership on 26th April to jointly explore the “e-commerce + e-sports” model.

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Tao Ren, President of JD Computer and Digital Products and Song Lin, Co-CEO of TJ Sports and Vice President of Riot Games joined the signing ceremony.

TJ Sports is founded by Tencent Interactive Entertainment and Riot Games and focuses on making League of Legends e-sports, the most professional, influential and commercially valuable e-sport in China.

The two sides announced that JD will be the official partner of the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2021 in China. In the next two years, the cooperation will also cover activities promotion, brand establishment, new user recruitment, content development and more. JD and TJ Sports also hope to work together on cultivating e-sports talent to build a healthy industry ecosystem.

JD’s influence as leading e-commerce company in China and strong marketing capabilities will bring more innovation to the e-sports industry. Partnering with the e-sports industry will also help JD attract more young customers with significant consumption power.

According to the 2021 China E-Sports Industry Report released by iResearch, e-sports market is expected to reach US$8.5 billion in 2021. Nearly 50% of e-sports players are under 22 years old. JD built its own e-sports team JDG back 2017, and holds a highly influential e-sports competition in China every year that gathers both professional players and gaming enthusiasts.

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JD is e-sports players’ first-stop to buy gaming products, and the platform’s customer insights support brands to develop more products that better meet customer demand. For example, JD was the first company to create the concept of a “gaming phone” and has jointly developed successful gaming phones with brands including Red Magic, Black Shark and more. JD also promoted the development and launching of gaming computers.