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In Markets opens liquor bar in Xiamen, China


JD opened an imported liquor bar JD YOUNG in Xiamen on 31st January, providing free taste before purchase.

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Most items available for a taste are new products from brands including Bushmills, The Dublin and Dead Rabbit, as well as Hennessy. At 200 square meters, the bar can provide customers with an omnichannel experience, allowing them to enjoy drinks at the bar, and purchase them in-store or online. By using JD’s Omnichannel Fulfillment system, JD can deliver to consumers in as fast as 28 minutes.

Yan Liu, head of imported liquor at JD shared, “Offline stores have the advantage for tasting. By opening the store, JD aims to work with brands to create a trend for alcohol consumption.”

According to an industry white paper, consumption among 18-24 year-old, and females has increased. Social networking and consumption of alcohol on-site for purposes such as networking, friends reunions and more have become trends in China in 2021.

Located in the GRG Art Center in Xiamen, the bar is in an area frequented by young people, and is a program under the comprehensive cooperation between JD Super and Grandgle, a Xiamen based liquor importing company.

Liu said, “In the future, the bar will combine online and offline resources to provide customers with a better experience, such as livestreaming and pop-up stores, tasting salons and more. JD will also plan to open tasting sessions for customers.”

On the same day of the store opening, JD held the omnichannel super brand day for Hennessy, and held a livestream in the bar. Customers can get coupons and purchase directly via JD’s app.

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Liu added, “Unlike the traditional bars, JD YOUNG bar focuses more on a high quality, professional operation and fulfillment experience. Going forward, JD plans to expand the model to more cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.”