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Featured invites dermatologists to share skincare knowledge with Chinese customers


On 10th January, JD Beauty and JD Health joined hands with L‘Oréal’s active cosmetics brands to host a live-streaming session on, sharing skincare knowledge with the customers in China. The session was part of the three-party close collaboration that aims to offer easy access to dermatologists’ advice to help Chinese customers choose and apply skincare products for sensitive skin.

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US skincare brand, CeraVe, was one of the brands included in the program. On, users can directly interact with JD Health’s telemedicine doctors through CeraVe’s product pages to get instant guidance on product selection as well as personalised skincare advice.

“We are excited to work with our brand partners to explore ways that can best present their products to Chinese customers”, said Xuejiao Wu, a buyer for JD Beauty.

“Medical treatment is the anchorage of CeraVe,” said Chris Zhou, brand general manager of CeraVe in China. The brand was originally developed with dermatologists for the treatment of psoriasis and eczema, but has since become popular with customers of all skin types. Ceramides, the essential ingredient of CeraVe’s products, and its unique delivery system, known as Multivesicular Emulsion (MVE) technology, are effective in keeping the skin moisturised and helping to restore the natural barrier.

“Today in the US, people deem CeraVe equal to ceramides, so since we came to China in 2019, we’ve been seeking ways to communicate to Chinese consumers the uniqueness of our formula. We are very happy to collaborate with JD Health, China’s leading telemedicine service provider, to underline our roots in dermatologists’ approval,” continued Zhou.

The brand joined JD’s first-party model in June 2019. Being new to e-commerce operations in China, the brand received project-based support from JD Beauty’s team in terms of leveraging marketing tool kits, users’ engagement, market opportunities, and more. In 2021, its sales on doubled year on year.

According to the latest industry report on functional skincare products in China by iResearch, a market consultancy firm, Chinese consumers’ demand and awareness of functional skincare products have risen rapidly in recent years, mainly driven by three factors: solving skin problems, which over 70 percent of people in the survey claimed to be affected by, seeking safe ingredients, and product efficacy.

The report found that men in China are an awakening force for functional skincare consumption, with their monthly expenditure on skincare products often falling in the price range between RMB 300 to 500 yuan (US$ 47 to 79 ). CeraVe’s efficacy and affordable price make it appealing to the young men cohort. This was evidenced in a recent JD campus campaign that CeraVe joined– after handing out trial samples on site, an uptick in sales and repurchase rate was seen on JD, Wu noted.

According to Zhou, JD’s consumer base, which features more affluent, well-educated and purpose-driven shoppers in China’s big cities, is a natural match for the brand because they have a strong desire for newer and healthier personal care products, such as pregnant women and mothers who prefer very safe products on themselves and their children.

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“China is a massive country and JD is going deeper into the lower-tier cities and expanding its offline businesses. There are many things we can do together down the road to reach out to more and various types of partners and customers,” Zhou concluded.