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Japanese supermarket chain KINOKUNIYA opens pop-up store in Singapore


With international travel not looking to resume soon, KINOKUNIYA has decided to bring the tastes of Japan to people in Singapore through its first-ever pop-up series. For a limited period, the pop-up stores will offer an exclusive range of some of the most popular products in Japan.

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Some of the delectable highlights include Strawberry Butter (an exquisite spread made with Japanese strawberries and butter), Premium Truffle Soy sauce (a decadent blend of white olive oil, French black truffles and Japanese soy sauce) and Drinking Yuzu Vinegar (a health boost made with yuzu juice and natural spring water). KINOKUNIYA Original Eco-bags will be available for purchase as well.


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In 1953, KINOKUNIYA pioneered the first “self-service supermarket” in Aoyama, Tokyo, where customers could choose their own products and pay at the cash register. Since then, KINOKUNIYA has continued to expand the possibilities of supermarkets by taking initiatives that are always ahead of the times.


This innovative Japanese supermarket chain is constantly on the look for fresh ways to connect with customers. For the first time ever, KINOKUNIYA will unveil a pop-up store in Isetan Scotts and JAPAN RAIL CAFE respectively.