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Japan considers resuming the travel subsidy programme in July

Japan is considering resuming the “Go To Travel” campaign in July to foreigners and locals in order to encourage travel within the country.

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The campaign rolled out in July 2020 and has been suspended since July 2021 due to COVID. A revived “Go To Travel” campaign would likely serve as a core measure to stimulate consumer demand, and Japan plans to open up her border for international tourists from 10th July.

The “Go To Travel” campaign was launched by the Japanese government, with the promise to cover half of the domestic travel costs up to JPY 20,000 (USD 149) per person per day. This would be achieved by issuing coupons worth 15 percent of travel costs and offering a 35 percent discount on the travel package. In addition, the campaign did not limit how many times you could travel, so travellers could benefit from the travel discounts throughout the duration of the campaign.

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The government is considering altering and renaming the scheme to reflect an image refresh in the event of a probable resurgence of infections. The government is expected to make a decision soon on whether or not to revive the Go To Travel campaign.