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Is Nicolas Ghesquière leaving Louis Vuitton?

Nicolas Ghesquière was at Balenciaga before joining Louis Vuitton.

According to Reuters, LVMH is considering a change of creative director at Louis Vuitton, with Jonathan Anderson seen as the front-runner to replace Nicolas Ghesquière.

However, Louis Vuitton has denied the rumour and clarified that Ghesquière’s contract expires in November 2018.

From Reuters:

LVMH boss Bernard Arnault is considering a change of creative director at Louis Vuitton with the up-and-coming Jonathan Anderson, now at sister brand Loewe, viewed as the best candidate to replace Nicolas Ghesquière, according to three sources with knowledge of the matter.

The timing and the terms under which the reshuffle would happen have not yet been determined, the sources said. However, they added the matter was being actively discussed at LVMH.

People in the studio are expecting him (Ghesquière) to leave, possibly as early as after the October collection,” one of the sources said.

Three years has become the standard length of time for designers to stay at a fashion label, though there it no set formula as some have worked at brands for more than a decade.

It is possible that Ghesquière may not leave Louis Vuitton until next year as his departure is likely to be a lengthy, complex and delicate matter to negotiate and plan internally, the sources said. “It is a sensitive issue which could take time to solve,” a third source said.

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