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Interview: McDonald’s has shown the way, it’s great for Subway, says Subway CEO

The man who started Subway 47 years ago and made its first sandwich himself is now targeting 1,000 outlets in India in five years and 5,000 in 10 years. There are 260 outlets now. Fred DeLuca, founder and CEO of restaurant chain Subway, started a sandwich shop "Pete’s Super Submarine" at Bridgeport (Connecticut) when he was 17. It was started with a USD1,000 loan from family friend Peter Buck to pay his college fee. DeLuca sees high potential in the Asian market, especially India and China. Having overtaken McDonald’s in the number of outlets globally and in India, Subway’s founder gives credit to the rival American chain for showing the way in eating out to Indians. He names "Vege Delight" and "Turkey Sandwich" as his own favourites at Subway, where he eats often. Born to second-generation Italian parents, DeLuca is among the richest Americans now, with 36,000 restaurants across 99 countries.

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(Source: Business Standard)