Alex Misseri


Alex Misseri v2Alex joined Bluebell Group in 2017 as Head of Digital Transformation and Revenues. Alex works with brands such as Pandora, Davidoff, and Lululemon to build their online presence and grow their online sales.

Before joining Bluebell Group, Alex has developed eCommerce businesses in China for the past decade, first as a co-founder of an online outlet start-up, then as Head of eCommerce for Etam, a leading fashion brand in China, and more recently as Head of Retail & Commerce for Razorfish in APAC.

This variety of experiences and his entrepreneurial spirit enabled him to gain strategic and operational knowledge in all aspects of an online store management, including distribution strategy and channel development, website creation and IT infrastructure, traffic building and sales animation, customer service and CRM, warehousing and logistics.

In the recent years, he developed an expertise in omnichannel strategy and execution, focusing on the retail industry.

He is also a regular contributor to RiA.

“Be truthful, gentle and fearless.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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