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INFINITI’s views on its future consumer

INFINITI LAB Hong Kong 3.0 to target “The Future Consumer”

On 12 October 2017, INFINITI Motor Company Ltd. and Nest, a leading venture capital firm and innovation partner, announced the official launch of the INFINITI LAB Global Accelerator 3.0 under the theme of “The Future Consumer”.

INFINITI LAB is a global program , which aims to address locally relevant challenges.

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Retail in Asia joined the press conference with Dane Fisher, General Manager, Global Business Transformation & Brand at INFINITI Motor Company, David Castaneda, Head of Business Development of Visionaries 777 and INFINITI LAB Hong Kong 2.0 alumnus, and Lawrence Morgan, CEO of Nest.

The three of them presented the 3rd edition of the INFINITI LAB Hong Kong.

First of all, the speakers explained the importance of such programme. On the one hand, they explained INFINITI benefits from the fresh ideas and enthusiasm of the startups involved. On the other hand, startups have access to mentors from well established companies, and have the chance to experiment their products.

The theme for the 3rd edition is “The Future Consumer”, and the speakers were asked to define the profile of the consumers they have in mind, while working on how to target him/her. The three speakers agreed that “The Future Consumer” reflects the DNA of INIFINITI. He/she is a progressive mind, a digital savvy, who chooses INFITNITI for its high-end positioning in the market, and aims to use it as a social statement.

David Castaneda, expert in VR and AR, added that the progressive consumer is also the one willing to experience the vehicle through new technology by exploiting all the resources to get to know the product and make a choice based on the experience. AR and VR are of interest of INFINITI to be implemented in the showrooms to enhance the customer experience at the stage of discovery and provide a 360 degree overview on a wide range of vehicles, which sometimes cannot be showcased for space constraints.

“The Future Consumer” is expected to explore products through digital platforms before reaching the physical showroom, therefore, AR and VR represent the solution for a more connected experience.

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While selecting the startups for the programme, the speakers concluded that all the candidates have presented projects related to AR, VR, data analytics, and car sharing, which all point to framing a lazier consumer willing to maximize the digital experience first.

Lawrence Morgan revealed his interested for projects, which are more related to car components such as hand-controlled sensors or new technology able to ease the ride.

The programme has just started and will prepare the seven startups to pitch for investors on 13 December 2017.

We are looking forward to receiving more insights form the mentors and participants.