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Indonesia’s retailer Eigerindo partners with Aptos to accelerate product development process

In February, Indonesia’s retailer Eigerindo MPI, has deployed Aptos’ PLM solution to improve the product design, development and assortment planning processes for their 122,000 SKUs and 250 stores across Indonesia.

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Founded in 1989, Eigerindo is one of the largest apparel, footwear and accessories companies in Indonesia. Based in Bandung, the retailer is known for its commitment to providing high-quality products that are designed to push the boundaries of exploration. With its store count increasing fivefold in less than a decade, Eigerindo now operates more than 250 stores in Indonesia and has a strong online presence.

As Eigerindo advances on its growth trajectory, modern technology solutions are playing a strategic role in its ability to scale its operations while keeping customer satisfaction as its No. 1 priority.

“With Aptos PLM, we are bringing greater levels of efficiency and automation to every step of the product lifecycle, enabling us to deliver new, on-trend collections to our customers even faster,” said Agnes Lukito, Product General Manager at Eigerindo MPI. “By bringing together all aspects of creative design, collection development and sourcing on a cloud technology platform, we’ve reduced production times and costs while increasing speed and productivity. “

“With the tool, we also have the ability to track the quality of orders from our suppliers, which is extremely important to us,” Lukito added. “As we manage large volumes of supplies, we need to ensure that orders received are compliant with our standards. With the objective to minimize waste and promote sustainable practices, Aptos PLM helps ensure we are producing only those items that meet our strict requirements and are best positioned to reach the shelf.”

According to Christian H. Sarsono, Deputy CEO at Eigerindo MPI, “The deployment of Aptos PLM represents a giant leap forward for all our teams that are involved in the development of collections. The system offers one version of the truth, advanced functionality that was a best match to our needs and a user interface that is highly intuitive, promoting user adoption from day one. We are extremely satisfied with our implementation of Aptos PLM.”

Following the successful adoption of Aptos PLM, Eigerindo’s technology modernization journey will next focus on Aptos’ Assortment Planning solution. 

Once deployed, Aptos Assortment Planning will enable Eigerindo to align its product offerings with the needs of its customers, markets, channels and locations, delivering optimal business results and an elevated experience for its customers.

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Watch this video featuring CEO Christian Hartanto Sarsono to see how Eiger puts cloud-based solutions to work to accelerate the entire product development process and reduce the time from concept to customer.