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Zara collaborates with South Korean label ADER ERROR

AZ Collection

Global fashion brand Zara teams up with South Korean label ADER ERROR on a collaborative project, “AZ Collection”. From the A of Ader to the Z of Zara, the name of the collection stands for the generations to which it is designed to appeal.

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The collection aims to define a new generation based on the identity and uniqueness of every individual, from generations A to Z, blurring the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds. ADER’s signature blue appears throughout the collection, including the apparel range of beanies, crossbody bags, boxy suits and sweater vests.

“The designs reflect the lifestyle of people whose personalities are shaped by their simultaneous experiences in the real world and the virtual one, demonstrating the new ‘persona’ dreamed up by both brands” posted Zara on its official Instagram account.


Tapping into the world of the metaverse and virtual reality, the “AZ Collection” is available virtually on South Korean app ZEPETO. Users of the application can purchase the collection for their avatars.

Founded in 2014, ADER ERROR has grown in popularity throughout the years. The South Korean streetwear brand has already gained international attention for its oversized puffers and coats, twisted and exaggerated seams. In recent years, the label also collaborated with brands such as Puma, Eastpack, Casetify and Camper.

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“AZ Collection” is available on Zara and ADER ERROR’s e-shops and in selected stores in South Korea, Spain, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Italy, the United States, China and Japan.