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Why HTC is losing “relevance” in the smartphone war

HTC, the world’s number five smartphone maker by shipments, is fast losing its "relevance" in a highly competitive market, as cheaper alternatives pose a threat to its growth in China, say technology analysts.

In a report titled Is HTC Still Relevant, Dale Gai, Analyst at Barclays Capital writes that the Taiwanese company, which was among the first to sell smartphones powered by Google’s Android operating system, is losing its technological edge, and may soon be overshadowed by smaller players in the field as superior hardware technology becomes more accessible.

According to Barclays, Taiwan-based mobile chipmaker MediaTek, will start supplying the Chinese market with mass produced high-tech chips by the third quarter of this year, allowing the smaller unbranded mobile handset makers to offer better features and applications on their phones at cheaper prices.

(Source: CNBC)