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Watchdata wins 2012 Asian Sesames Award with SIMpass-SC Mobile Payment Solution

Watchdata Technologies on Wednesday won the Asian Sesames Award for the second time in three years. It won this year with its breakthrough mobile payment solution, called SIMpass-SC, which transforms any existing mobile phone handset into a full-function NFC device.

The SIMpass-SC technology embeds a secure element, an active front end and an antenna into a single dual-interface SIM card form factor, providing one of the most elegant and practical ways to deploy the widely accepted NFC technology in mobile phone handsets in any existing market, from highly developed urban centers to the remotest locations on the planet, even in regions with few banks and very poor financial infrastructure.

"We’re very happy to be part of an industry that provides secure, trustworthy and cost-effective solutions for our business partners and their customers,”  said Michael Yu, President of  International Business at Watchdata. "The SIMpass-SC solution is a significant improvement in mobile payment technology, and we feel privileged to help advance the frontiers of knowledge in this market."

The Sesames Award honours the best new digital transaction solution in the Asia Pacific region and is presented at the annual CARTES in Asia exhibition. The exhibition hosts over 3,000 visitors from 61 countries along with 120 exhibitors at the Asia World Expo Center in Hong Kong.

Watchdata Technologies (, with international headquarters in Singapore, offices in 13 regions of the world and customers in 50 countries, is a recognised pioneer in providing digital authentication and transaction solutions for mobile payment, telecom, transport, financial services, e-government and public utility applications. The company works closely with its business partners to ensure that payment and chip security comply with the most advanced certification standards available.