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Vive : HTC builds the case for VR in your living room

The HTC Vive debuted in the first week of April, bringing high-end virtual reality on the PC to consumers. HTC says it managed to ship all of the units that it promised to early buyers during the month of April, and now it continues to work on its backlog for shipments.

Now the company hopes to stoke the momentum behind the Vive, which has an advantage over the better-known Oculus Rift from Facebook’s Oculus VR division, with its own marketing push.

The Vive can be played in a larger area in a room, but it also draws up a safe zone where you won’t bump into your furniture. Part of the challenge is that a lot of people don’t have the room to fully exploit the Vive in a physical space, and another problem is that it requires spouse approval to set up a couple of sensors in your living room and connect the Vive to a big display.

(Source: Venture Beat )