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Trustwave takes on targeted attacks with new security solutions

Cybersecurity consultancy Trustwave on Wednesday unveiled new and enhanced security solutions to help organisations protect against the growing number of stealthy and sophisticated targeted cybersecurity attacks.

Trustwave has enhanced its Secure Web Gateway, Secure Email Gateway, Network Access Control (NAC), Managed Unified Threat Management (UTM) and File Integrity Monitoring products, while also delivering the new Trustwave Vulnerability Manager. These Trustwave solutions prevent malware from entering the environment by detecting attacks through the web and email, stop the propagation of malware from compromised devices and stop the infection of other devices.

Using social media sites like LinkedIn, cybercriminals can easily identify individuals within organisations that most likely have access to confidential data. Once attackers have found their target, they employ sophisticated methods to exploit holes in an organisation’s security posture, whilst remaining undetected as they steal information.  As reported in Trustwave’s 2012 Global Security Report, attackers had an average of 173.5 days in their target’s environment before detection and 84 percent of organisations were unable to self-detect a data breach. 

That dismal level of detection and protection of malware has a high cost. A recent Ponemon study that surveyed more that 2,500 C-level and IT security personnel from around the world, reported that targeted attacks cost enterprises an average of USD214,000, with most of the cost related to forensic investigation, investments in technology and brand recovery costs.

"Targeted malware attacks are of deep concern for many organisations today," said Wendy Nather, analyst at US-based 451 Research. "And relying on anti-malware products alone is no longer sufficient. Trustwave is combining many of its technologies – such as secure web and email gateways, network access control and vulnerability management – creating a multidimensional approach to addressing this widespread threat."

"Cybercriminals understand and take advantage of the fact that most organisations rely on limited point security products that operate in silos," said Patrick McGregor, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Trustwave. "With our new and enhanced lineup of unified-security solutions, Trustwave offers a multipronged approach against targeted attacks by delivering not only security in layers, but also security that is coordinated."