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TikTok abandons e-commerce expansion plan in Europe and the U.S.

Following internal issues and a failure to establish traction with customers in the United Kingdom, TikTok, the short-video and social media platform, has decided not to proceed with plans to expand its live ecommerce effort to Europe and the U.S.

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The United Kingdom market was the company’s first endeavour outside of Asia where the “TikTok Shop” feature was introduced last year. The feature enabled brands and influencers to stream live while selling goods. It appeared on the app as a clickable orange basket alongside the videos. 

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TikTok’s attempt to replicate QVC-style shopping in the UK was unfortunately plagued by internal issues and failed to gain traction with customers. As a result, the company has given up on aspirations to expand its live ecommerce venture in Europe and the US deeming it to be against the company’s long term interest.