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The mind-blowing celebrities 10-year challenge pics


You may have probably spotted on your feeds the hashtag #10YearChallenge, which has been picking up speed on Instagram and Twitter with thousands of people, including plenty of celebrities.

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Random trips down memory lane are easier than ever, thanks to tons of pictures we shared on social media. This month, you have likely seen a surge in side-by-side before and after photos posted by literally everyone on Instagram. It is a new “challenge” – 10 Year Challenge, so what is it about actually?

The viral movement encourages users to post images from 2009 (or earlier) and 2019 side-by-side to see just how far they have changed, aged and beautified or lack in ten years.

Even if you are just a spectator, scrolling through the images of those brave enough to take this on is quite entertaining. Using the hashtag #10YearChallenge, users across Twitter, Instagram and beyond have shared side-by-side comparisons showcasing their glow-ups.

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While we are sure all of your friends and most of the celebrities on social media have uploaded their before-and-afters, which throwback picture is your favorite, or maybe the most mind-blowing one?

(Source: Stylecaster )