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The Dash Cam – a new generation of video recording technology

The Dash Cam - a new generation of video recording technology

With the dawn of the 21st century, technology has escalated to make our everyday lives easier, manageable and our experiences very much shared. And amongst the parade of gadgets that have lined up in the past few years, the car dash cam (dashboard camera) is one of particular importance. A car dash camera, in its basic nature, is an onboard camera that continuously records the view through a vehicle’s windscreen.

These cameras were first introduced in the late 1980s, to police cars, for purposes of safety and monitoring. However, recently, with YouTube vlogs on the rise, dash cams have become particularly popular amongst the youth, sharing their experiences with the world and making what we call today, a ‘global village’.

The car dash cameras can be categorized into three: the basic dash camera, the basic dash camera with enhanced features (Wi-Fi, parking mode, G-sensor) and the dual camera with interior/exterior dash cam.

The Goluk T-series dash cams come in a compact, cylindrical shape, smoothed by a metallic or matte surface in beautiful colors of silver, pink, charcoal black, stone grey or fire red. It is operated by “Smart Go” system that allows it to record as the car engine turns on, and includes a G-sensor so that it automatically records any accident, should it occur. It captures a 152-degree angle of view in a high definition of 1080p/30 fps and works with a processor chip that has been developed by Ambarella, a renowned world leader in HD video technology.

Dash camera
Source : Goluk

Along with a highly defined video, it provides clear audio as well, and apart from being used a dash camera, it can be easily detached to use for other purposes, like documenting outdoor activities and sports events. As you record what happens ahead, it lets you see everything through your phone and control the recording with the Goluk app. To date, Goluk users have built the world’s largest UGC (User Generated Content) community in the car field. The number of international Goluk app users exceeds 250,000.

With a ‘Magic Key,’ that looks something like a watch, you can share your videos with just a click. Moreover, the Goluk dash cam also acts as a safety instrument, giving a warning for a ‘forward collision’ if your car is very close to a vehicle ahead. It also goes into the ‘housekeeper mode,’ that will help you record what happens with your car while you are away.

In today’s age where we all want to share our travels, adventures and eye-opening experiences with friends and family, the Goluk dash cam becomes more of a necessity rather than an accessory, in particular with the security elements that it provides. So, let’s have untroubled experiences, and let’s share them, because “happiness is only real when shared”.