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In Trends empowers consumers to find, show and talk about their stuff

StuffBox the community driven product website, today launches a new platform that offers consumers a fresh and easy way to enhance their social media experience through the use of products. is designed to enable users to openly interact between friends, the greater community and the brands they love. The platform mobilizes consumers to easily discuss, discover and show off their favorite products without the false pretenses of endorsements or advertising.

"StuffBox recognizes the power of product knowledge and the influences that advertisers have over individuals," said Ted Blosser, CEO of StuffBox. "Our platform empowers individuals to have a voice of their own when it comes to products that they really love. Looking at the big picture, we would love to create a space where consumers and brands can honestly coexist."

StuffBox members interact with friends to promote products through a quick and easy process. For those who have Facebook accounts, the process is made easy through Facebook Connect. Once logged on, members can simply add stuff to their boxes and begin talking about products. By providing commentary on each item, members are able to further promote awareness around a specific brand, while educating StuffBox users on new products. The more attention a product receives, the probability increases for the item to end up in the "Hot Stuff" menu, a live feed of top products featured on StuffBox’s homepage. Ranging from cars, sports equipment, electronics, fashion, music to movies, the sky is the limit on the type of products that can be found on StuffBox.

"The idea of the ‘box’ is something that we feel is unique to the site," said Brendan Duda, StuffBox’s co-founder. "We felt rather than having members build a generic profile, the box will act as the individual’s mouthpiece. It will convey who they are through the products they like, comment on and have in their own boxes."

StuffBox provides consumers with a turnkey solution for engaging brands and building loyalty. Members of StuffBox act as professional reviewers, selecting brands they love and spreading the word throughout their networks.

In beta since October 2009, StuffBox has already proven to be an open platform where people can find new products, read reviews and gauge the pulse of the community. StuffBox’s business model is based on making connections between consumers and the brands in which they are truly interested.