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Royal Streaming expands its APAC footprint

Royal Streaming expands its APAC footprint

As we watch the world slowly reopening simultaneously, companies have been utilizing the downtime by implementing improved safety and hygiene protocols to bring back customer confidence upon their return.

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Hotels, Restaurants & Retail adapt to the new normal with the hope of gaining an uptick in commerce from their loss in sales during the lockdown.

The common objective is to welcome their patrons and guests with ease. With that in mind, there is a more significant challenge of the increased competition among hundreds of hotels and shops popping up in the Asian region. Business owners know it is not enough to safely enter the premises but to keep customers calmly stimulated during their stay. The longer they stay can translate to sales.

Today, the standard is not just to have a holistic sensory experience in place. But to provide an intuitive, harmonious integration of all aspects of the operation, while a fitted music designed solution can enhance and compliment business heightened standards of customer care and boost sales. A perfectly designed music solution can, at a bare minimum, improve your customer journey. When appropriately incorporated using insights, metrics, and feedback from your operation, it can boost sales with more ambitious objectives.

Royal Streaming expands its APAC footprint 1
Source: Royal Streaming

Royal Streaming, a Swedish-owned B2B music design and streaming service for retail, hospitality, and commercial properties has worked with some key players in the market. The Bangkok regional office servicing APAC has been expanding its footprint through reliable service and key partnerships.

Founded in Uppsala, Sweden, Royal Streaming boasts a portfolio of 15 years of innovative and latest industry-leading technology servicing diverse global brands such as Audi, Telenor, Daniel Wellington, 711. While in South East Asia, 137Pillars, Pomelo Fashion, Siam Piwat, The Parq, The Mall Group are to name a few.

The principal objective of its Bangkok HQ is to support further a growing roster of brand-conscious clients across Asia.

“This past year has seen the deployment of our very own, custom-built streaming platform. By owning our proprietary technology, we now possess open-ended capabilities to develop distinct features into the platform according to our partners’ specific needs. We are here to disrupt the existing background music industry with broader capabilities, a less labor-intensive system, and more personalized service. Ultimately assuming the responsibility for what brands truly expect a top service to be, foreground music,” said Gustav Nordlindh, CEO.

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Royal Streaming prides itself on an experienced team in Media, Retail, Hospitality, and Music with decades of experience on the operational front line.