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Retail meets art in HK for Chinese New Year


Next week is Chinese New Year. It officially begins on February 5th, 2019, and ends on February 19th. This year will be the year of the Pig.

It is the most important festival for Chinese people, so the city is fully decorated with festive installations. The retail world celebrates it with decorations and promotions.

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In Hong Kong, all shopping malls have already unveiled their gigantic installations and Retail in Asia has browsed around to catch some of those.

In the financial heart of the city,  the floral pinwheels have turned IFC into the Garden of Fortune.

Source : IFC

Dedicated to providing memorable and engaging experiences for guests beyond shopping and dining, the Chinese New Year is no exception for IFC mall as it presents The Garden of Fortune, a splendid installation featuring pinwheels to welcome good fortune and embrace new changes along with incorporating floral elements for a contemporary spin.

From 26 January to 17 February 2019, shoppers can visit the interactive display and enjoy music performances to ring into an auspicious new year.

Pinwheels have long been a symbol of luck with fascinating roots in Chinese culture. Traditionally associated with welcoming wealth, pinwheels are constructed using a variety of bright colors to greet the god of fortune, which are believed to bring prosperity and blessings to both homes and businesses. Playing on the Chinese tradition that pinwheels attract good luck, The Garden of Fortune is embellished with this auspicious symbol.

The pinwheels are designed in the shape of peach blossoms, peonies and begonias – flowers that represent prosperity and fortune in Chinese culture – to empower guests with positive vibes as they walk through the Garden of Fortune.

Upon entering the installation, guests are invited to play an interactive pinwheel game to start the new year with blessings to share and bestow upon friends and loved ones. ifc mall has collaborated with young local calligrapher, Rita Lee, to create downloadable “fai chuns” to share with family and friends after completing the game.

Lee started learning Chinese calligraphy at the age of 6 and has nurtured her talent with over 20 years of experience. She is known for blending different styles to create art that balances the tradition of Chinese calligraphy with contemporary flair. “I’m excited about this partnership with ifc mall as it allows me to use my craft to extend blessings to all Hong Kongers who visit the Garden of Fortune,” says Lee. “The installation’s fusion of traditional pinwheels with modern floral elements also reflects the same juxtaposition in my style of calligraphy.”

Pacific Place has built “Where Fortune Takes Flight” to welcome the Chinese New Year 2019.

Source : Marketing Interactive

An exquisite spring garden filled with blossoming flowers and over 60 flying kites, symbolising “Where Fortune Takes Flight”. Exclusively designed by Queenie Law, the kites soar to the highest heights and spread Chinese blessings throughout the mall and into the new year ahead.

Queenie said that her design ideas come from the traditional Chinese New Year Candy box and chocolate from her childhood. Thus, they became the patterns of the kites, flying in the shopping mall. Queenie used vibrant colors and energetic brush strokes to draw on the kites, symbolizing a colorful and fruitful new year.

In Tsim Sha Tsui, Harbour City will welcome the Year of the Pig with the “HAPPIG New Year” celebration, featuring a seven-metre tall gigantic “Wishing Treasure Bowl” at Ocean Terminal Forecourt from 25 Jan to 19 Feb 2019.

Habour City
Source : Time Out

The treasure bowl is structured with multiple frames, on which colorful ropes were tied delicately to create geometrical festive patterns from cherry blossoms to gold coins.

The contemporary design is a stylish take on the Chinese New Year classic, wishing everyone joy and fortune for the Year of the Pig.

Newly introduced this year is an interactive wishing experience, inviting visitors to win a lucky pouch by taking part in a mini game and donating HK$20 near the“Wishing Treasure Bowl” installation.

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Each lucky pouch contains a Good Fortune Card with predictions for the coming year, and a “Wishing Gold Coin” which can be deposited into “Make a Wish Piggy Bank” for making a wish. The coin will roll through a lucky tunnel connecting the piggy bank to the gigantic “Wishing Treasure Bowl”, bringing fortunate blessings to everyone for the New Year.

The city is all dressed in red, and the year of the Pig is behind the corner. Happy Chinese New Year to you all!