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Retail in Asia partners with DesignInspire in Hong Kong

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Retail in Asia partners with DesignInspire, the concurrent event of the Business of Design Week (BODW) in Hong Kong, aimed to inspire creativity across different sectors.

DesignInspire, an international exhibition about creativity, will take place across three days featuring Hong Kong as the global capital of design. Organised by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council, the Expo is an inspiring platform for global creative elites, design brands, design associations and institutes to showcase their creativities.

An array of over 620 interactive installations, design projects and objects will be featured, with more than 220 exhibitors from 11 countries and regions including Italy, Australia, Japan, Korea, Poland, Sweden.

Under the theme URBANOVATION, DesignInspire partners with pioneering brands and “urbanovators” to explore how new design thinking and radical innovative solutions reshape urban life and build a more livable and happier city through three core aspects – Urban Residence, Power-up Studio and Idea Mart.

DesignInspire embodies inspirational exchange and trade connections. It offers a program of InnoTalks – an exclusive platform for networking and business-matching with forward-thinking innovators, business collaborators, and design connoisseurs from around the world.. The Expo also comes with another exciting feature – a pop-up shop, allowing visitors to bring home some mementos of the inspirational experience.

DesignInspire will be the occasion to meet disruptors in the design industry and find inspiration from artists from different countries and background.


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