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RAE Exhibitor Highlights: Sharp launches 80″ integrated touch panel in HK

Sharp-Roxy (Hong Kong) Limited (SHARP) is going to launch ts new 80" integrated touch panel in Hong Kong at Retail Asia Expo 2012 on Tuesday.

Incorporating enhanced touchscreen response and dual-touch interface, the panel is perfect for e-directory, product information display, automatic queuing system, POS, virtual fitting and other interactive applications, minimising unnecessary manpower for more customer-oriented services.

With SHARP Pen Software, users can write or draw as meeting records, adjust size of images or text, or select and move images or text around for attractive demonstration of brilliant ideas. The panel also serves as an effective collaboration tool for webinars and video conferences. Its large and bright screen connects partners closely and creates a just-like-being-there atmosphere that encourages active participation. To facilitate communication, meeting documents can be display real-time on screen for a smooth discussion with enhance efficiency.

The company is also showcasing its Video Wall Displays, Professional Panels aside of Integrated Touch Panels in the three-day event. Come to K23 booth at Halls 3F – G to learn more about SHARP’s new products.