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RAE Exhibitor Highlights: hybris connects multi-platform operating systems under one network

The world has been changing faster and faster, with no signs of slowing down or stopping. This change is a good thing when you are ready for it and work with it, and that is what hybris does for its customers – either brings retailers the digital domain or enables them to make the most of this massive business tool we call the internet.

Founded in 1997, the technology company has been powering global commerce operations of some of the largest retail and manufacturing brands. Adidas, Lufthansa, Reebok, and Ericsson are only a few of the companies to benefit from hybris software solutions. The company is showcasing hybris Multichannel Accelerator 4.6 software – a simplified software package that allows multi-platform operating systems to be used on one network – at Retail Asia Expo, which means that Android, Windows, or Apple devices will be able to access the advanced features of a retail store.

According to hybris APAC VP Burghardt Groeber, the new solution provides the tools that enable organisations to meet the demands of today’s discerning shoppers by deploying the market’s first fully integrated, truly multichannel commerce solution from the start. It does this by supporting complete out-of-the-box B2C desktop and mobile and B2B desktop implementations and includes more features and options as standard than any other solution currently available. Multi-channel projects can now start with fully working storefronts, enabling businesses to go live in just three to four months as they only need to rebrand and perform the essential integrations with their order fulfillment system and payment service provider.

"It’s our first year to attend Retail Asia Expo and we hope this event will be running successfully and meanwhile we can promote us. hybris is now in Asia to help our customers for their e-commerce business," said Groeber.

Retail Asia Expo is a three-day event held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 12 to 14 June. Hybris’s booth is at H08, Hall 3F – G.