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Pernod Ricard partners with artist for luxury whisky

Kristijana S. Williams 1

Pernod Ricard Korea has teamed up with contemporary artist Kristijana S. Williams to promote its luxury whisky brand Royal Salute.

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The French distiller’s local subsidiary said it will run an art exhibition until 18 Nov., 2019 to commemorate the release of Royal Salute 21-year-old blended malt.

The Royal Salute art exhibition will allow visitors to sample the new whisky and enjoy the collection of illustrations that were inspired by the Royal Menagerie formerly in London.

“We believe that our artistic collaboration will allow whisky lovers to feel British wit and humor and inspire the international whisky market in Korea,” said Florent Leroi, marketing director of Pernod Ricard Korea.

Leroi said that Pernod Ricard expanded the Royal Salute’s lineup recently with the global launch of its 21-year-old blended malt in July.

The Royal Salute, dubbed the “king of whisky,” offers its latest version that has been matured for 21 years and expertly crafted to deliver an unmatched depth of flavor.

Royal Salute
Source: Royal Salute

The unique flavor and fragrance of the whisky ― showcasing orchard fruits, creamy vanilla and spice ― were created by master blender Sandy Hyslop and master perfumer Barnabe Fillion.

The external packaging of Royal Salute’s 21-year-old blended malt also features an illustration from Williams.

The company said it aims to lead growth in Korea’s whisky market by highlighting its royal heritage and combining contemporary art with luxury whisky.

According to Pernod Ricard, international Scotch whisky sales grew 6.6 percent in 2019 from a year earlier. Among them, malt whisky and more than 21-year-old premium blended whisky were the main contributors.

Meanwhile, Williams expressed excitement about running her first exhibition in Korea.

Kristijana S. Williams
Source: Kristijana S. Williams Studio

“I wanted to recreate Royal Salute by giving a more vibrant brand image, adding modernity and wit to nobility and class of British royalty,” Williams said.

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Royal Salute was created to pay homage to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 and named after the traditional 21-gun salute. It has since been widely recognized as a luxury Scotch whisky with its deep, rich taste. It is made from blended whiskies that have been matured for more than 21 years.

(Source: Korea Times)