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Thailand’s Berli Jucker keen to bid for Carrefour

Leading Thai conglomerate Berli Jucker Plc is looking to bid for Carrefour’s operations in the country to help support its consumer-products supply chain, according to the company’s president, Aswin Techajareonvikul.

Over the past few years, Berli Jucker’s parent company, TCC Holdings, has expanded rapidly through acquisitions and mergers. Said Techajareonvikul, "We are considering the [Carrefour] bid. It would certainly fit in with one of our current businesses, the consumer supply chain. Retailing is part of that supply chain. Right now, we have a presence in the upstream side, such as potato farms for our potato chips, or cold storage facilities. But what we lack is downstream, namely a distribution channel to consumers."

(Source: Bangkok Post)