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Hong Kong: Wellcome supermarket chain expands

Hong Kong’s Wellcome supermarket chain, one of the two largest in the territory, has announced it will open its first supermarket in the resort-style development of Discovery Bay (DB) on 12 March. Wellcome’s main competitor, ParknShop, has until now enjoyed a monopoly in DB with its upscale Fusion supermarket.

In an inviation to the official opening, Wellcome says it has completed a six-month consultation with DB residents and has "carefully handpicked an array of choices to fit local residents’ tastes and shopping requirements". The company says its new store will stock environmentally friendly and organic goods as well as products by well-known overseas brands to offer "an all-encompassing shopping experience tailored to the unique lifestyle of the neighbourhood".

The store also features a customised design exclusive to the DB branch – one Wellcome hopes will ensure "shoppers feel right at home as they enjoy a pleasurable and unique shopping experience".