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Demand for apology: Asian customers angry at Woolworths for blocking baby formula orders

Three furious customers are demanding an apology from Woolworths for cancelling their online baby formula orders and suspending their accounts, accusing the supermarket giant of racial profiling.

Amid concerns about a nationwide baby formula shortage, Sydney parents Adrien Cheng, Reginald Dong and Sarah Kong in separate incidents in the past month had their online orders for tins of baby formula cancelled. They believe it was because of their Asian surnames. Frustrated by Woolworths’ lack of explanation, they have banded together to lodge a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission. They are seeking a formal apology.

Australian parents have become increasingly concerned about a baby formula shortage of preferred brands, such as A2 Platinum and Bellamy’s Organic, calling for Woolworths and Coles to enforce purchase limits and clamp down on bulk buying.