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China: Growing sourcing hub for GPS accessories in Shenzhen

Shenzhen, in China’s Guangdong province, is piggybacking on its strong supply chain for different electronic products to position itself as a major sourcing centre for global positioning system (GPS) accessories. Nearly 70 percent of the country’s GPS accessory suppliers are based in Guangdong, and most of these have their headquarters or sales office in Shenzhen, making the city the centre of activity in this product line.

Armed with several decades of experience in developing electronic products, Shenzhen has established a mature supply chain, ranging from electronic components to product design and testing, housing, moulding, surface-mount technology and assembly. Leveraging advantages in the design, manufacture and marketing of electronic products, Shenzhen has grown to become a primary sourcing centre for GPS products, and now is expanding its supply of GPS accessories.

GPS accessories in Shenzhen are sold bundled or as giveaways with personal navigation devices (PNDs) or GPS navigation systems. These include power adapters, in-car power chargers, external antennas, A/V cables, USB cables, car suction mounts, cases, standby touch pens and LCD screen protectors.

Many of Shenzhen’s GPS-accessory makers also supply mobile phones and accessories. Some companies produce other electronic products and PC peripherals. In general, makers can release two to three new products each month.