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The Challenge of After-sales Service in Sourcing from China

By Diana in ‘The China Sourcing Blog’

During the past 3 months, I traveled with a few clients to visit some Chinese suppliers of motors, pumps, valves and other industry supplies. As usual, we recommended the best local Chinese producers – their pricing levels were normally between Chinese-foreign joint ventures and local middle-sized and smaller producers, but their quality was acceptable for our clients.

Although the manufacturing technology for some of the products was not on the international level, the quality of most products exceeded my clients’ expectations. From manufacturing machinery, i.e. widely-used CNCs, to every step of the manufacturing process, casting, machining, welding, surface treatment and packaging – all of these met my clients’ criteria for qualified suppliers. The previous biggest problem affecting my clients’ China sourcing strategy, QUALITY, seems now to have been effectively solved. Chinese suppliers’ price and delivery, moreover, is usually comparatively better than competitors from other countries.