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Taking Stock: 5 Tips to help your business make the most of Father’s Day

Holidays like Father’s Day send consumers searching: for gift ideas, activities, restaurant suggestions, greeting cards and more. They’re online and looking for your business – but how do you help them find you? Here are five tips to help businesses connect with new customers this Father’s Day.

1. Follow your customer online

Your customers are online and searching – you should follow them! You can do so by using search engine advertising, such as AdWords: you create ads and choose keywords, which are words or phrases related to your business, and when people search on Google using one of your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results. Businesses only pay when someone clicks their ad.

2. Keywords: choose wisely but get creative

You can take advantage of seasonal searches by choosing the right Father’s Day-related keywords. Anticipate what your customers will search for – including obvious terms like "father’s day gift", "father’s day card", "father’s day activities", "restaurant" – as well as less obvious searches such as "antiques" or "massage". Keywords should change with the season: a restaurant wouldn’t target "father’s day feast" in July, but it makes a lot of sense to do so in May and June.

3. Get ready for mobile

Businesses should be ready with mobile-friendly websites that prominently display store hours and locations to accommodate people looking for their stores on mobile, and consider allocating search ad budget to mobile as Father’s Day approaches and shoppers begin using their smartphones to search for brick-and-mortar stores. But even if your business doesn’t have the resources to build a mobile site, you can still take advantage of mobile search with “click to call” ads that allow customers to call you directly from the phone number listed in your ad unit.

4. Use online ads to drive foot traffic to your store

Many people turn to the web to research store information. AdWords allows you to include information such as location, opening hours, and phone number so that you can use your online ads to drive traffic to your store.

5. Anticipate key shopping days

Retailers should aim to anticipate when their customers will be searching for gifts or looking for stores and adjust their online advertising budget and message accordingly. Father’s Day e- commerce traffic usually peaks in the week before Father’s Day (44 percent of the consumers select gifts around this period), Father’s Day (18 percent of the consumers select gifts on the day), and two days before Father’s Day (17 percent of the consumers select gifts around this period). Therefore, retailers should start to think about how to implement their advertising strategy two weeks before Father’s Day. As shipping takes time, retailers can consider either to launch an online shopping promotion in the week before Father’s Day, or a 24-hour next-day delivery service to grasp the business opportunities around the two days prior to Father’s Day, along with related promotions for the stores. Also, retailers can adjust ad content and feature in-store promotions, maps, and opening hours for the last shopping days before Father’s Day, leveraging online ads to drive in-store traffic.


Taking Stock is Retail in Asia’s fortnightly column dedicated to showcasing opinions from experts in the retail industry.