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Slash Inventories, Out-of-Stocks and Costs with Far Less Forecasting

JDA introduces their new e-Book  on ‘Flowcasting’ available to download.

Challenge: Planning the retail supply chain must start at the point of consumption.

Solution: Flowcasting provides a single set of numbers, based on the point of purchase, to which all supply chain partners can plan. Flowcasting translates consumer demand forecasts into demand projections, manpower and equipment requirements, capacity requirements and financial plans for all trading partners.

By starting at the store and producing forecasts of consumer demand, all other demands in the supply chain can be calculated. The result is order-of-magnitude improvements in reducing out of stocks and improving inventory performance and profitability for all members of the extended retail supply chain.

Retailers and their trading partners can increase profitability by 1-6 percent of top line sales by using Flowcasting to plan the retail supply chain.

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