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Scent of success

A popular concept internationally, fragrance marketing is increasingly finding acceptance in India, with hotels, retail stores and realty developers trying to mix the right notes to enhance shoppers’ perceptions and maximise returns.

Select City, one of Delhi’s upmarket malls, is just one example where this concept has been applied to increase patronage. Depending on where you enter the mall, the smell of freshly baked cookies, freshly brewed coffee, caramalised pear and toasted pecan ice cream, or cheese melting over sun-dried tomatoes will greet you and get you in the mood to indulge – without you even suspecting anything. "That’s what any intelligent mall will do-put the right brands in the right zone. You’d never find a perfume store next to a bakery. The idea is to have a distinctive smell in each zone," explains Rajiv Duggal, CEO, Select City Walk.