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Sale strategies: No Frills makes you walk the store

From the CaptusHUB blog:

Here in the Greater Toronto Area we have three major discount grocers: No Frills, Price Chopper and Food Basics. These chains offer cheaper prices with more focus on private label brands than brand names. Produce would be considered second and third tier and the stores are basically four walls filled with bunkers and displays. No Frills was the pioneer in charging for plastic bags and you always have to bag it your self. You really get no frills at No Frills. Pricing is very competitive and always matches sale prices at their more expensive brother Loblaws.

Their flyer strategy is what intrigues me the most. Whenever you get their circular (which is weekly), it’s never more than six pages and you never see more than three or four items on the front page. Does this mean they don’t have anything on sale? Not at all. Many products are on sale at the store; you just have to look for them.

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