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ReplaceAds announces mobile advertising platform

With mobile streaming hitting an all-time high, more people today are listening to music, news and talk radio via their iPhone, BlackBerry or Android smartphone than ever before.

ReplaceAds, the US’s largest network of online radio and TV broadcasts, announced on 19 March the launch of its new mobile advertising platform. With over 2,000 radio stations available on iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Android and other handsets, ReplaceAds generates more than 250 million mobile advertising impressions per month. These impressions can be filled with video, audio, or display ads on smartphones, or standard banner text, SMS or MMS ads on legacy phones.

"Mobile audio and video streaming is growing at a phenomenal rate. Our new mobile monetisation platform allows broadcasters to quickly grow their mobile revenues and advertisers to easily and cost effectively reach our affluent and highly engaged mobile audience," says John Williams, CEO and founder of Jetcast Inc., which owns ReplaceAds.

Bridge Ratings projects that the mobile-phone radio audience will reach 40 million by 2015.

(Source: ReplaceAds)