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RAE Exhibitor Highlights: Leovation: Leave the world of 2D marketing behind

At this year’s Retail Asia Expo, Leovation, a Hong Kong-based company providing professional digital services for global brands, will showcase a series of its 3D media solutions which combining physical, social and mobile experiences with advance technologies in Augmented Reality, Holographic presentation, touch screens experiences, and Motion Graphic experiences.

The interactive closet is one example to break away from the regular two-dimensional marketing platforms to multi-dimensional thinking. The interactive closet can be a replacement of the 2D poster, allowing viewers to choose, browse and interact with the advertisement. Latest fashion can be displayed in an interactive virtual revolving closet. Viewers can point to choose, view sizes & colour options. The revolving closet will turn by gesture, responding to viewers’ touch to display more details.

"Shoppers nowadays may only give traditional 2D media a glance, without looking into it. The brand retention created by it is comparatively short," Andrew Pang, Managing Director for Leovation said.

"3D media is something beyond the 2D experience. It creates 3D illusions, brining shoppers to an extended demission such as social media or mobile network. It allows retailers to boost shoppers’ engagement in-store. Shoppers will find this kind of display visually attractive. They will examine it; trying to touch the screen to find out more information. They will interact with it, getting engaged by it. It enhances the brand retention among consumers," he said.

According to Pang, studies have shown that sales in stores with this kind of display products exceed expectation. "One of our clients, who rolled out a promotion campaign of liquor at its stores, found that sales at the store equipped with our 3D display product exceeded their expectations. All of the promoted items were sold within three weeks while the promotion should have lasted for two months. The client also found that sales at the other two stores which did not have 3D display were slower."

Apart from the interactive closet, another highlights at Leovation’s booth is Dreamoc, a solution provides incredible 3D vision that can be viewed with naked eyes. You can have it interestingly interacts with real object with vivid animation. Or multiple units can be synchronised to produce even more amazing effects. You can now easily visualise the once difficult to display abstract ideas through Dreamoc.

Leovation’s true multipoint touch tables are highly durable, scalable and stackable tables that truly allow no-limit touch points. The table naturally facilitates communications within the group gather round it. It can also recognise objects and provide appropriate information according to the object you put on it.

Transparent LCD display is an innovative display that transforms any kiosks and vending machine into an interactive unit. It is compact, with sunlight readable screen, and has ultra-wide display. The special aspect ratio 16:6 is specifically designed for combining real product & screen information. The content can be centrally managed through a user-friendly CMS. It can be used in department store, exhibition hall and as the next generation vending machine.

Leovation is now exhibiting its solutions at booth H15 at Retail Asia Expo, the three-day event from 12-14 June at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.