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MCM stores become art hubs


MCM offers a harmony of art and fashion, introducing works of art and artists.

MCM starts art activities in ‘MCM House’ store, Hongdae ‘MCM Popup’ store located in Hongdae youth street in Mapo-gu, and other flagship stores in Seoul.

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All activities take inspiration from the brand’s identity, and the 70s, years in which the brand was established  in Munich, Germany.

Germany in the 1970s, when art culture flourished, and at the same time, combined with modern cutting-edge materials and design are att he core of the brand. Music, art, travel, and technology are the four priorities, giving Millennials a lifestyle experience that goes beyond fashion.

The ‘MCM House’ in Cheongdam-dong allows customer to meet art by decorating the 5th floor and the 1st basement floor as a sole art space. The MCM Culture Program, which was launched in July 2017, is a representative example.

This program is a lecture program of first-generation interior designers and representative photographers in Korea. It is a place where content creators can communicate with the public and meet with their audience.

As the ‘MCM House’ is being used as a cultural space, the simple structure in which visitors experience the exhibition is transformed into a virtuous cycle structure in which visitors who visit the store look at the products as they were artworks.

The ‘Kunst Project’, which is currently holding a photo exhibition at Hongdae’s MCM pop-up store, is a representative cultural and artistic campaign for MCM. Kunst means art and has been steadily opening 3-4 projects a year since 2014.

In the meantime, it collaborated with artists from various art fields such as tattoo, toy art, molding art, sculpture, photography, installation art, graffiti, digital neon art and pop art.

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MCM will continue to carry out arts and cultural activities in the future.

The ‘MCM Culture Program’ will host the remaining 5 lectures in the MCM House in the first half of 2018. The Kunst Project is also expected to continue throughout the year and is looking for the 12th collaborative artist.

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