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Marcus Evans launches 3rd Annual Shopper Marketing Asia Conference for 2012 in Singapore

Marcus Evans Shopper Marketing Asia conference (11-13 June 2012), which has been held annually since 2010, sees exciting new themes this year. This conference will bring together 15 industry expert across the region to share their insights of reaping profits and loyalty with excellent shopper marketing programmes in-store and out-of-the store using all customer touch points and path to purchase.

In 2012, where prediction on the rippling economic effects from the West make news, companies in the East continue to try to conquer its marketing hurdles and prosper with more advanced Shopper Marketing strategies. Without a doubt Shopper Marketing will continue growing as the consumers in Asia has now been touted as the new money and buying power. The fact is, companies that have integrated shopper marketing as a vital part of the marketing mix are growing 50 percent faster, 90 percent of manufacturers with more advanced shopper marketing capabilities report that shopper marketing assist them to meet retailer needs and boost top-line growth effectively, and 86 percent of retailers rate shopper marketing programmes as one of the top activities that deliver meaningful ROI.

In response to this, the agenda of the conference covered topics such as creating an effective social media platform as Point of Sales Material, bringing content to life through Augmented Reality (AR) tools to shoppers, unlocking the shopper journey with a perfect activation strategy at all shopper touch points, building measurement models for Path to Purchase marketing campaigns ROI, and developing a center-store reinvention strategy for improved shopping visibility and shoppers’ ability to shop.

The speaker line up includes representatives from Ubisoft, United States, Adidas, Germany, Ubisoft, United States, News Limited, Australia, Ermenegildo Zegna, China, Samsung, United Arab Emirates, Google, Thailand, Lenovo, Australia, Kraft Foods Asia, Singapore, Unilever, Singapore, Philips Lighting, Singapore, 3M, Singapore, Hewlett-Packard, Singapore and Kings College London, United Kingdom.

This two-day conference also features a post-conference workshop on Navigating Shopper Marketing – An advanced roadmap to a winning strategy. The workshop aims to offer systematic approaches to find a roadmap which covers the entire shopper journey or Path-to-Purchase and capitalising on companys readiness to effectively employ and monitor the effectiveness of Shopper Marketing strategies.