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How Facebook has changed retail

As Facebook floats with a valuation of more than USD100 billion, Retail Week asks what advantages the social network has created for retailers?

1. Engagement
Some retailers have adopted tactics, such as an interactive Tesco game on Facebook, to build brand awareness. The retailer’s virtual fitting room – using augmented reality – for its F&F fashion brand has been a hit too. Facebook also allows retailers to engage with customers in a more informal manner and share tips and information – such as recipes – with dedicated shoppers, increasing brand engagement.

2. Using and integrating data
Facebook’s Open Graph – the footprint of connections that Facebook users produce as they interact with friends and online content – has allowed retailers such as eBay to integrate marketing tailored for a specific audience. Although some users are uncomfortable with such use of their data, Facebook remains a free service which they are paying for with their information.

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(Source: Retail Week)