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DMSRetail brings The Retail Management Workshop to London April 20-22

DMSRetail, a leading Consulting, Training and Services company for progressive retailers, brings leading edge retail management techniques to London for the 1st time.

Senior Consultant and EVP for DMSRetail, Matt Parmaks says “Over the past two or three years we have seen huge growth in our business coming from the UK. We decided it was the right time to offer our premium Retail Management training program over there where people could attend without incurring the huge cost of travel that is usually associated with getting the benefits of leading edge retail management training.

From sophisticated retail business analytics to good, old fashioned customer service strategies as well as performance management techniques that are so crucial for these tough times, DMSRetail brings it all together in a fast paced 3 day workshop designed for retail managers and retail business owners alike.

Another Senior Consultant with DMSRetail, John Callaghan says “Doing well in a retail business is not as straight forward as it used to be. There are so many fascinating ideas and new techniques that retail managers and business owners need to be aware of in order to really excel in retail these days and we want to share all of this with our fast growing customer base in the UK.

” With the overall economical conditions the way they are, UK Retailers are buying in to the fact that they must do more about investing in their people.

DMSRetail is seeing a sharp increase in interest in their 3 day retail management training program – ‘The Retail Management Workshop’.

Details of the program can be found at