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Digital key to Burberry’s growth

Burberry, the luxury group, is ramping up its efforts to reach millennial consumers in their "mother tongue" of digital media, leveraging channels like social networks and online video.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Angela Ahrendts, Burberry’s chief executive, stated it has continually moved away from being a “manual spreadsheet organisation” after she assumed her current role in 2006.

"We just kept evolving the structure," she added. "We always said if we were going to target a millennial consumer then we had to do it in their mother tongue, which is digital."

Among the main questions of ongoing importance, Ahrendts said, are: "How do we keep the brand so cool and so pure and so relevant so it cuts through that clutter? But, by the same token, how do we keep the marketing and the communication much more customized and personalised?"

To take just one example of its innovative strategy, Burberry’s website has a product assortment ten times the size of that available in stores, reflecting a belief that the internet is “the world’s store”, Ahrendts said.

Equally, the firm allows online visitors – who now outnumber the people entering its physical branches each week – to tailor designs for trenchcoat purchases using the "Burberry Bespoke" tool.

(Source: Warc)

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