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Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand turns 15

From the CaptusHUB blog:

I finally got a chance to sit down and leaf through the latest edition of Costco Connection. Members of the warehouse chain get the bi-monthly magazine that consists of general interest and business articles, new product information and coupons. You even get a crossword puzzle! The current issue celebrates the 15th birthday of their own Kirkland Signature line of products. The private label makes up approximately 10 percent of Costco’s current assortment and can be found on anything from jeans to freshly prepared meals to chocolate-covered raisins (which are probably the best I’ve ever tasted!). As margins tighten on brand names, retailers are focusing more on the profitability of private label programmes. Is the proliferation of national brands on the far horizon or is private label meant to enhance merchandise assortments on retailer’s shelves?

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