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Consumer Report: Cardology -The Science of Success

Keeping your card inventory fresh is crucial!
By offering variety and changing out card designs more frequently, you can experience a 15% jump in sales rear-over-year.

It is important to appeal to both the gift giver and the recipient. If a consumer doesn’t like or relate to any of your card designs, they may decide not purchase.

Based on the research conducted, we’ve captured the Sciences of Success for card variety and design, to guarantee your gift card designs appeal to your targeted audience.

Prominently displaying your gift cards in-store yields an average ROI of 400-500%
The most important indicator of customer satisfaction when shopping for a Gift Card was In-store Presence. Now is the time to utilize gift cards as a sales engine within your marketing strategy to drive consumer behaviours.

Running promotions around gift card purchases is a great way to drive consumers into your business for gift giving. In a recent study, consumers confirmed that a promotional gift card is the most preferred incentive to drive action.

Consumers want convenience
The gifting experience should not be taken lightly. When purchasing a gift card, take the hassle away from the consumers by providing packaging options that compliment your brand.

Find out more by downloading the SVS Cardology Consumer Research Variety and Design report by clicking the Download the Report button above.

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