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3 ways to boost your e-commerce sales

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The secret to e-commerce success does not lie in aesthetics or low price points, according to Gabriel Shaoolian, CEO of Blue Fountain Media.

In an opinion piece published on Forbes, he shares three effective strategies on how to bring higher conversations, more sales and increased traffic.

1. Excellent customer service

“Providing your customers with service that goes above and beyond is essential—you must exceed the expectations of your visitors,” he said. In fact, customer service is the first factor that determines whether a customer trusts a business, returns and recommends it to a friend.

2. An easy-to-use and clean website

Websites must be responsive on all types of devices and platforms. “In order to be strategic when reaching your customers, it’s critical that your site be optimized for whatever device they may be using,” said Shaoolian. It must also be easy to navigate and find the products that the customer is searching for.

3. Good customer understanding and targeted marketing

Knowing your customer and following up with them in the right way, versus a one-size-fits-all approach, is the key to success.

Marketing tactics should be used that reflect individual purchasing patterns based on historical onsite behaviors. If you have loyal customers that make purchases more regularly than the average customer does, serve them with special promotions or exclusive offers.”

(Source: Forbes)