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Source tagging recirculation is an important bridge to RFID for end-to-end visibility

In today’s challenging retail world, businesses have little time to spare. Every day, retailers are under extreme pressure to reduce shrink, improve store operations, increase profits and enhance the customer experience, all at the same time. When every minute counts, time-saving solutions like source tagging, can help.

Why SourceTagging?
Successful retailers know how to maximize operational efficiencies, cut costs, and grow year-over-year sales. Part of this success lies with loss prevention (LP). LP personnel manage the difficult balancing act between protecting their high-risk merchandise with product tagging expenses and employee productivity.

With on-line sales increasing and the adoption of omni-channel strategies, brick-and-mortar stores are experiencing the need to be more sensitive to customers’ preferences. It is critical to have motivated, engaged store associates to spend time serving customers and executing tasks on the sales floor. And source tagging facilitates many of these operational synergies in the value chain at retail.

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