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Rakuten launches “Rakuten Delivery Takeout” service

Rakuten, Inc. on Thursday launched "Rakuten Delivery Takeout", a new service on the company’s home delivery website Rakuten Delivery which allows customers to pre-order takeout meals and products and pick them up at the store. At the launch of the service, approximately 600 stores in the 23 wards of Tokyo are participating in the service, and there are plans to further increase this number in the future.

Rakuten Delivery is a home delivery website from which customers can, depending on the delivery destination specified, order a wide range of cooked food including pizza, fried chicken, sushi, boxed lunches, hamburgers, as well as catering services and alcohol from more than 7,500 participating stores across Japan.

In addition to the website’s current home delivery services, customers will also have the option of collecting freshly cooked food themselves from participating stores instead. The launch of this new service "Rakuten Delivery Takeout" will further enhance customer convenience.

The Rakuten Delivery Takeout service can be utilized via a dedicated smartphone site. Through the site, customers can order food, etc., from participating stores in the area of their choosing, and pick it up freshly cooked food from the stores they specify. Orders will also earn the customer Rakuten Super Points in accordance with the amount spent on each order.

As for the participating stores, in addition to restaurants already providing delivery services, the participation of popular restaurants that one would ordinarily have to queue to get into, restaurants with limited seating and small-scale restaurants that find it difficult to provide delivery services is also expected.

"Rakuten Delivery will continue its efforts to make its services even easier for customers to use, by working together with participating stores on new home delivery and takeout service-related projects," the company said in a statement.


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