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Growing a start-up, one step at a time

Filtering through the details of logistics can be especially tough for a start-up company, but with the help of a strong third-party logistics provider (3PL), the path looks much clearer.

In search of an end-to-end supply chain provider for its revolutionary microGreen oil filter, start-up SOMS Technologies LLC settled on veteran firm OHL as its logistics specialist.

The most significant breakthrough in engine-oil filtration in nearly four decades, microGreen uses a patented technology that allows oil to stay cleaner longer, extending the life of the fuel. The filters only have to be changed every 6,000 miles (9,500 kilometres) and give the oil a life of 24,000 miles (38,500 kilometres).

The US state of New York has chosen microGreen as the preferred filter for its agencies, counties and municipalities. The filter is also being used by 7 of the top 20 national fleets in the US. For SOMS, ensuring the filters are delivered along the supply chain in an efficient and safe manner is, naturally, of paramount importance.

The filters originate in Scotland and are sent to Hong Kong for assembly. From there, the product is shipped to the US. OHL is in charge of providing end-to-end logistical services, which include customs brokerage, air- and ocean-freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution.

With a dependable 3PL on board, SOMS Technologies has been able to focus on sales and company growth. OHL has positioned itself to deliver on start-up companies’ needs for lowered costs and increased efficiency – leaving companies like SOMS to focus on innovation and ultimately, protecting the environment.