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Foreign logistics firms gain an edge on local rivals in Indonesia’s booming e-commerce market

A commodities-driven boom in recent years has seen Indonesian logistics companies specialize in transporting goods in bulk.However, that investment is turning out to be a weakness as commodity prices slump, forcing clients to cut sales shipments.

Meanwhile, a surge in online sales calls for a logistics capability that is quickly being filled in by foreign firms such as aCommerce.

Based in Thailand, with regional headquarters in Bangkok and Singapore and fulfilment centres in Indonesia and the Philippines, aCommerce provides services that span the entire e-commerce gamut, from channel management to cash-on-delivery. With big clients such as Mitra Adiperkasa, MatahariMall, GroupOn and BlueFox, aCommerce has experienced growth of 136 percent in revenue over a span of six months, says Paul Srivorakul, the group chief executive of aCommerce.

(Source: Jakarta Globe )