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Indian PC software piracy dropped to 65pc in 2009

More people are opting for licensed software in India, bringing down piracy levels to 65 percent in 2009 from 68 percent the previous year, according to a report jointly released yesterday by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) and International Data Corporation (IDC).

"About 40 percent of the desktop PCs sold in India continue to be white boxes [assembled], but the drop in piracy levels shows that people are now opting for legal and licensed software over the pirated ones," said BSA vice-president and regional director, Asia-Pacific Jeffrey Hardee.

"In India, we have made significant progress in further bringing down the piracy rates as compared to 2008. However, our annual commercial value of unlicensed software still stands at a whopping USD2.03 billion," said Keshav S Dhakad, chair of the India BSA Committee.