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Who are the new muses for cosmetic brands?

New muses from Korea for cosmetic brands

An idol group “Seventeen” was  recently selected as a cosmetic model for another brand. The cosmetic brand ‘TheSaem’ said it has chosen the idol “Seventeen” as a new global eco-star.

Seventeen will be working on a variety of product lines including the Global Eco Brand Identity as well as the Skincare Urban Eco Series.

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Official sources said, “‘Seventeen’ has been loved in Korea and abroad because it is a pure and cheerful boy-like image. Therefore, it matches the image of the global eco-brand ‘TheSaem’”.

Meanwhile, Seventeen is an idol group with talented production capacity, which is known as a self-produced idol, and it has fans not only among the teens but also among the 20s and 30s.

Source : hellokpop

In addition, singer and actress Soo Ji will become a new model of global beauty brand ‘Lancome’.

An official source said for the beauty brand Lancome that Soo Ji will act as a new model of Lancome after actor Kim Go-eun. Lee said, “Suji is an artist who constantly faces new challenges in both music and acting, and her dignified and beautiful appearance has been chosen as a new model for Lancome, in line with the brand value of cheering for the true happiness of women.”

Sources confirm that Soo Ji finished her photo shoot with Lancome in Australia last month and plans to continue her career as a full-fledged brand model in the near future.

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Soo Ji posted Lancome cosmetics model picture on her own instagram on the same day and made a lot of efforts to promote it. The photo shows 315,354 “Likes” in nine hours.

Soo Ji was a long-term model of LG Household & Healthcare’s The Face Shop since April 2013, which has contributed greatly to brand recognition and sales.


(Source: Kmib )